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6 reasons to apply for Australian student visa now

Australia has granted the highest number of student visas from July to September in 2022 in comparison with the pre-pandemic years leading up to 2019.

The number of visas granted came from applications lodged by freshly graduated secondary school students of this year, plus the students who graduated last year but were unable to apply due to border restrictions.

To give a better picture, the table shows a very positive trend for student visa approvals in 2022 during a span of 3 months (July – September), compared to the same 3 months in the previous years.

Student Visa Grants, July-Sept, 2017-2022
Year July August September
2017 21,971 17,030 13,419
2018 24,733 16,624 13,513
2019 25,226 15,047 12,426
2022 31,928 31,525 20,952

*Note: 2020-2021 has been excluded as Australia had closed its borders during the pandemic and put a momentary stop on immediate visa processing.

What do these student visa grants mean?

Australian universities welcome the highest number of new students every year during this season. The July session (Term 1) traditionally has the highest student intakes for the Fall Session. Likewise, the highest number of student applicants and visa grants are observed in July. For 2022, the 31, 928 student visa grants have largely exceeded the grants of previous years. The same pattern of visa grants had followed through August and September and is likely to carry on through October and December this year (the data is published only as of October, 2022, see here).

This indicates a greater possibility of visa grants in the following months and is very much in line with the government’s policy to invest AUD 1.2 billion in a university education plan to increase more places for migrant students who will eventually transition into onshore skilled migration applicants.

Why are more international students applying for Australia?

Australia has always been one of the top destinations for higher study because of its globally recognized top quality education, during and after-study work rights, high wage rate, migration opportunity and above all, diversified and welcoming culture.

1. Top Ranked Universities Worldwide

QS World Universities Rankings of 2022 has once again revealed Australia’s strong position among the top ranked universities of the world, competing with highly established universities of the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany and many other top-ranking education providers (read Australian Universities in the top 100 of QS World University Rankings 2022)

Australian institutions provide far greater value in highly accredited certifications when compared globally. Greater career opportunities make Australian graduates hard to compete within a demanding work sector where Australian graduates have far higher acceptance rates.

2. Full-time Work Permit

International students in Australia will enjoy full time work till June 2023 on a Student visa (Subclass 500) with no restrictions (read about Australia’s unrestricted work rights for international students).

Unskilled and semi-skilled jobs in hospitality, tourism, agricultural sector as well as part-time shifts in aged & disability care institutes are highly convenient sources of income for international students to help them pay their tuition fees and living expenses.

3. On-Campus Vs Off-campus Work

Australia provides the advantage of working off-campus while most other education providers do not. In the USA for example, students can only work on-campus jobs, that too part-time. Australia makes it easier for students to independently pay their tuition fees and living expenses by seeking higher paying work outside of campus and more convenient working hours.

4. Equal Pay-scale for International Students and Australian Citizens

Work options offer the same pay-scale for international students as for Australian citizens. There is no separate pay-scale that has been enforced for international students in Australia (read about Australia’s highest minimum wage and record low unemployment rate). This is a further plus point for international students in Australia compared to students in the UK for example, where there is a lower minimum wage for international students and citizens alike.

5. Extended time & post-study work rights for international students

Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) holders can work full time as always with no cap on working hours.

Plus, 2 years of additional stay and work permit now applies to post-study temporary graduate visas, a major progress thanks to Australia’s new government exploring all options to balance the post-pandemic demands for skilled professionals.

6. Possibilities for Skilled Migration

International students are highly interested in post-study work in Australia as the extended work permit helps them gather experience points for point-based skilled migration visas.

2 years extension will be granted on all categories of post-study education levels:

  • Bachelor’s degrees (4 years instead of 2 years),
  • Masters degrees (5 years instead of 3 years) and
  • PhDs (6 years instead of 4 years).

Students who will apply this season will have better chances of getting admission in top tier Australian universities. In addition, highly eligible scholarships and greater work opportunities make it easier than ever to pay for tuition fees and obtain the most in-demand academic qualifications.

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