The Rapidly Growing Australian Economy is a Profitable Safe Haven for Business Migration Seekers in 2022

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One of the largest economies in the world in terms of GDP (1390 billion US dollars in 2019), Australia must thank its foreign investors whose direct investment contributes to 10% of the entire Australian economy.

Australia has set a very positive example in the past 2 years, 2020-2022,  compared to most western countries because the Australian economy has grown rapidly in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Business investments from foreign nationals who had applied for PR and citizenship in Australia is one of the main reasons for Australia’s economic growth.

790 billion USD was invested by foreign nationals and companies in the year 2020.  This was a sharp 8% increase from the year before. As a result, the Australian government is encouraging non-citizens to invest in Australia which will benefit the Australian economy and also the investors since Australia is granting citizenship to the investors and their families who will be life-long owners of highly profitable businesses in the secure market environment of a first-world nation.

Foreign nationals are becoming interested in which business sectors will be the most profitable in the future so they can also secure permanent residency and citizenship in Australia via business investment.

Real estate, construction and mining sectors are the biggest attractors of foreign investments which contributes to 45% of the entire foreign investments in Australia. This presents a great opportunity for foreign nationals looking for PR and citizenship via investment in real estate, construction and mining.

The strategic sectors of investments that are proving to be highly profitable for non-citizens are digital technologies, advanced manufacturing, health and life sciences, food production and agriculture, new energy and emissions reduction, circular economy(product recycling business) and related businesses.

The  IT sector has attracted 251 billion USD, 24.5% of all foreign investments, and is a highly profitable market for non-citizens who want to invest in Australian companies, as well as buy existing companies(acquisitions) to get their citizenship approved. 

Wholesale and retail businesses are very profitable and popular among foreign nationals who are immigrants and want fast-track citizenship by doing business.

New jobs and 1154 new foreign companies have been created because of foreign investments in the Australian economy. For every 10 jobs in the market, 1 job is created due to the establishment of foreign companies.

Such a huge number of foreign companies are the greatest hope for immigrants seeking jobs to sustain their livelihood until their citizenship is approved.

The UK, US, and European nations are the top investors in Australia. However, investments from non-citizens from countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea are emerging among the top 20 foreign investors, encouraging non-citizens from Asian countries to take advantage of the business investments opportunities in Australia for citizenship for themselves and their families.

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