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What is an Australian Student Guardian Visa?

The Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590) is a temporary Visa that grants permission to the guardian to stay in Australia with their child-student aged under 18 years, studying in primary or high school in Australia.

The duration of the Subclass 590 Visa depends on the validity period of the Schooling visa and will not expire until the child turns 18 years old.

That means the guardian can stay in Australia to provide financial support and other care to the child-student as long as the child has not turned 18. The child must be under 18. The child must be enrolled in an academic course under a valid Student Visa.

The parent can also apply to provide guardian support to more than one child-student. The parent may also be allowed to bring a child under 6 years of age to Australia under humanitarian considerations.

A Subclass 590 Visa can be further extended if the guardian wishes to continue providing support to the child-student.

Can Student Guardian Visa Still be Granted if a Child-Student is Aged above 18 Years?

A guardian may be granted a Subclass 590 Visa under special circumstances even if the child-student is aged 18 or above. It is recommended to contact a registered migration agent who can provide assistance in processing an application and help you explain your valid reasons to the Department of Home Affairs.

Who is an Eligible Guardian for the Visa Subclass 590?

All individuals applying for guardianship must necessarily be aged 21 years or above.

Guardian’s Relationship to Student

  • Biological mother, father or legal step-parent of the child-student.
  • Grandparent or step-grandparent of the child-student
  • Siblings (brother or sister) and step-siblings (step-brother, step-sister) of the child
  • Uncle/Aunt or Step-Uncle/Step-Aunt of the child
  • Niece or nephew/Step-niece or step-nephew

Welfare Arrangement by the Guardian

Before arriving in Australia, the guardian applicant must make Welfare Arrangements for other dependent family members and relatives under the age of 18 years who will not be traveling to Australia with the applicant. The welfare arrangement must be sufficient to maintain the lifestyle of these other family/relatives for the duration of the applicant’s stay in Australia.

Other Eligibility Requirements for the Guardian

1. Evidence of financial ability in order to provide consistent support to the child-student, spouse, and self.

  • Housing expenses for both student and guardian.
  • Schooling fees (course) for the child-student
  • Transportation costs
  • Living costs for other dependent family members visiting Australia with the guardian.

Financial ability is necessary since the Subclass 590 Visa does not permit the guardian to work in Australia. Only under exceptional situations, a guardian can apply to the Australian government and request permission to work.

2. Health Insurance must sufficiently cover all medical expenses of the guardian to save costs for private healthcare during the entire stay in Australia

3. Health clearance, character certificate, and no debt overdue to the Australian government.

4. Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement (GTE) must be met by the guardian.

  • Guardian must show a genuine desire for staying only temporarily in Australia as long as the child-student needs the guardian’s support.
  • The guardian must convey the intention to NOT stay in Australia after the Subclass 590 Visa expires.
  • The guardian is expected to share the history of previous immigration experiences, personal and economic circumstances, and related details for assessment.

In Case of More than One Child-Student

If a guardian wishes to live with more than one child in Australia, then each child above the age of 6 years must apply separately for Student Visa first. The guardian must also apply separately for Student Guardian Visa for each child.

Any child under 6 years of age will only be allowed entry to Australia with the parent under special humanitarian consideration and the parent must provide valid reasons.

Cost of the subclass 590 visa

AUD 630 for the student guardian, primary applicant. Additional charges for including family members. Contact us to know about the cost in detail.

How Long Will the Visa Take to Process?

  • 50% of applications are approved within 1 month
  • 75% application approval rate in less than 3 months

Visa approval depends on the submission of valid documents which makes verification early. We recommend applicants contact an experienced registered migration agent (RMA) for guidance on the proper application procedure and expert document processing in order to avoid any informational errors and subsequent delays.

The Student Guardian Visa Opens a World of Opportunities for the Growth of Your Child

With this Visa, the guardian can make sure that their children do not have to worry about the absence of their parents and can focus completely on their education and growth.

Better parental support enables your children to attain more academic success as well as other accomplishments suited to your children’s talent.

Communication with your children’s peers and teachers is a great way to monitor the development of your children. To enhance your communication skills as a parent, the Visa allows a guardian to study an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

To make the learning interesting, the guardian only needs to give 20 hours of their time weekly. This will make your communication enjoyable to your children and help you understand your children’s thoughts and ideas the same way as your children’s friends and teachers.

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