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Top universities in Australia according to QS world university ranking

Australian universities have once again ranked high in the list of the top 100 universities worldwide according to the recently published QS World Universities Rankings of 2022 due to their academia of excellently structured graduate, post-graduate and higher academic programs.

In fact, all the previously ranked Australian universities have strongly maintained their top positions in the QS Rankings this year while newer universities in Australia have progressed their way up in the list and entered the top 100.

Enrolling 550,000 international students as of June this year, universities in Australia are set to continue with their reputation as the institutional role models for higher standards of educational programs worldwide.

What is the QS Ranking? How important is it?

Quackarely Symonds (QS) is a UK-based company that specializes in evaluating the standards of education of all universities. By conducting global surveys and highly technical analysis, the QS World Universities Ranking system considers a range of performance indicators to rank universities on their overall merits. These indicators are the student-faculty ratio, university alumni recruited into teaching staff, graduate employability, rates of graduates to PhD holders, fields of research by graduates and PhD holders, citation scores (academic influence of research output), international students enrollment etc.

QS World Universities Ranking has earned the distinction of being advertised by governments of various nations as an authentic and worthy university ranking body.

Factors affecting the rank and why these universities are highly preferred

Research Publication

As a piece of evidence, two of the top Australian Universities alone have dominated the field of research in recent 5 years by already having published 125,000 research papers. Living up to the reputation for contributing to the field of medicinal research, the University of Melbourne has dedicated 54% of all their 85,000 published research to the field.

Australian National University (ANU) continues to uphold its unchallenged academic supremacy this year by contributing 40,000 scholarly papers in the field of physics and astronomy, publishing groundbreaking revelations on black holes in particular.

Most number of Citations

Furthermore, research papers published in total by all Australian universities rank 5th among the most cited scholarly papers by nationality.

Other factors that make an Australian University education highly sought after are:

    1. Specialties and fields,
    2. Accomplished history of alumni,
    3. Shorter time to graduation ( 3 years on average),
    4. Simple application process,
    5. Study environment & diversity,
    6. International students in research,
    7. Employability in the work sector etc.

Australian Universities Ranked in the Top 100

1. Australian National University

  • No. 1 in Australia
  • 27th in Worldwide QS Rankings 2022
  • Graduate Employability Ranking: 5th in Australia
  • Established in 1964
  • Main campus: Canberra
australian national university (ANU)
A campus of Australian National University

Noteworthy distinctions

  • Ranked No. 01 for its research output impact by CWTS Leiden Rankings 2017
  • 95% of academic staffs are PhD holders.

Schools and Departments

  • School of Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • School of Business & Economics
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Department Biochemistry & Medicine
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Physics and Mathematics
  • Department of Arts

Notable disciplines

Anthropology, Geography, Philosophy, Politics etc.

Scholarships offered at Australian National University

Scholarships at Bachelor and Postgraduate programs are:

  • Director’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  • Dean’s International Science Excellence Scholarship
  • Coverage: AUD 15,000

2. University of Melbourne

  • No. 2 in Australia
  • 37th in Worldwide QS Rankings
  • Graduate Employability: 2nd in Australia
  • Established: 1853
  • Main Campus: Parkville, Melbourne
  • Other campuses: Southbank, Burnley, Dookies, Creswick, Werribee, Shepparton
university of melbourne
Parkville campus of the University of Melbourne

Alumni distinctions

  • Peter Doherty, Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine
  • David Solomon and David Bogger, fellows at the Royal Society

Notable disciplines
Bachelors of Arts, Agriculture, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design, Fine Arts, Music, Oral Health and Science.

Scholarships offered at the University of Melbourne

Undergraduate Scholarship Program: Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship – 50% on tuition fees

Graduate Scholarship Program: Melbourne Graduate Scholarship – 5000 scholarships each year.

3. University of Sydney

  • No. 3 in Australia
  • 38 in Worldwide QS Rankings
  • Graduate Employability: 1st in Australia
  • Established: 1850
  • Main campus: Sydney
university of Sydney
Camperdown/Darlington Campus of the University of Sydney

Noteworthy distinctions

  • 1 : 19 academic staff to student ratio
  • 90 + research centres

Notable disciplines

Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, Business, Law, Arts & Culture etc.

 Scholarship offered at the University of Sydney

  • Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship scheme: Bachelor’s and Postgraduate degree: AUD 5,000 to 40,000 each year
  • Sydney International Student Award (India): Bachelor’s and Postgraduate degree: 20% of tuition fees.

4. University of New South Wales (NSW)

  • No. 4 in Australia
  • 43rd in Worldwide QS Rankings 2022
  • Graduate Employability Rank: 3rd in Australia
  • Established: 1949
  • Main Campus: Kensington
university of new south wales australia
Main Campus of the University of New South Wales

Notable disciplines

Design and Architecture, Business, Law and Medicine.

Scholarships offered at University of North South Wales

International Scientia Coursework Scholarship: Bachelor’s & Postgraduate: Full tuition fee coverage & stipend of AUD 20,000.

India Future of Change Scholarship: Bachelor’s & Postgraduate: AUD 10,000 each year.

5. University of Queensland

  • No. 5 in Australia
  • 47th in Worldwide QS Rankings
  • Graduate Employability: 4th in Australia
  • Established : 1909
  • Main campus: Brisbane, QLD
  • Other Campuses: St Lucia, Gatton & Herston
University of Queesnland
St Lucia Campus of the University of Queensland

Alumni distinctions

  • Nobel Laureates
  • Fortune 500 company founders and CEOs
  • Academy Awards recipients

 Schools and Departments:

  • School of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • School of Business & Economics
  • School of Health & Behavioral Sciences
  • Department Biochemistry & Medicine
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Physics and Mathematics

Notable Disciplines:

Agricultural Sciences, Applied Microbiology & Immunology, Computer Sciences and Information Technology

Scholarships offered at the University of Queensland

  • Destination Australia Scholarship (Bachelors and Post-graduate Programs): AUD 15,000. The scholarship is for international students who wish to pursue their academics in the fields of preferably Agricultural Sciences, Mathematics and Animal Sciences.
  • Scholarship in Quantitative Biology (Post-graduate Program): AUD 10,000 [Solely for Quantitative Biology]

6. Monash University

  • No. 6 in Australia
  • 58th in Worldwide QS Rankings
  • Graduate Employability: 6th in Australia
  • Established: 1958
  • Main campus: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Other Campuses: Malaysia and South Africa, China, India and Italy
Monash University
The main campus of Monash University

Notable disciplines by worldwide rankings

  • Pharmacology & Pharmacy, 2nd
  • Nursing, 14th
  • Physiology & Anatomy, 30th
  • Medicine, 31st

Other notable curricula

Accounting, Engineering, Law, Philosophy, Arts & Performances.

Scholarships for International Students

  • Sir John Monash Scholarship for Excellence (Bachelors): AUD 50,000 [Awarded to 31 international students each year]
  • Sir John Monash Scholarship for Distinction (Post-graduate): AUD 24,000 [No limitations on number of international students; based on eligibility and previous academic performance]

7. University of Western Australia

  • No. 7 in Australia
  • 93rd in Worldwide QS Rankings
  • Graduate Employability: 11th in Australia
  • Established : 1911
  • Main campus: Perth, Western Australia
university of Western Australia
Perth campus of the University of Western Australia

Notable Disciplines

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Biology and Biochemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

Scholarships at University of Western Australia

  • Global excellence scholarship
    • Bachelors Program: AUD 48,000
    • Post-graduate: AUD 24,000
  • Global Sporting Excellence Scholarships [Sports & Athleticism scholarship]
    • Bachelors Program: AUD 48,000
    • Post-graduate Program: AUD 24,000

Honorable Mentions

Australian universities have consistently focused on enriching their academic curricula in an effort to rank their institutions in the top 100. This year, the following universities have proven to be worthy of an honorary mention as they have edged closer to joining this reputed “ top 100 club’’.

8. University of Adelaide

  • No. 8 in Australia
  • 108th in Worldwide QS Rankings
  • Graduate Employability: 12th in Australia
  • Established: 1874
  • Location: Adelaide, South Australia
University of Adelaide
Main Campus of the University of Adelaide, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA

 Alumni distinction

One-third of all Australian Nobel Prize Laureates helm from the University of Adelaide.

Campus culture

140 + clubs allow students a diverse range of scopes to engage their talents beyond their academics and foster strong communication and networking opportunities.

Notable disciplines

  • Mineral & Mining Engineering (ranked 26th worldwide)
  • Dentistry (31st worldwide)
  • Nursing (42nd worldwide)
  • Veterinary Sciences (43rd in Curricula global ranking index)

Northworthy distinctions

Research published under the university exhibits high involvement in the commercial industries of Australia.

Scholarships offered at University of Adelaide

Bachelor’s and Post-graduate Scholarship Programs are:

  • Global Citizens Scholarship
  • Bachelors: 15% to 30% scholarship for ATAR scores between 80-90 for Year 12 international students
  • Postgraduate: 15% (GPA 5.0/7) – 30% (GPA 6.0/7) scholarship on tuition fees
  • Global Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Up to 50% waiver on tuition fees
  • Minimum requirement GPA 6.8/7 for post-graduate degree

9. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

  • No. 9 in Australia
  • 133rd in Worldwide QS Rankings
  • Graduate Employability: 11th in Australia
  • Established: 1833
  • Main Campus: Sydney CBD
university of technology uts
Sydney CBD campus of University of Technology

 Scholarships offered at UTS

  • UTS Vice-Chancellor’s International Undergraduate Scholarship. Coverage: Full-scholarship
  • Undergraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship: 25% of tuition fees
  • UTS President’s Scholarship: Full scholarship & Coverage of related academic expenses
  • UTS Vice-Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship: Full waiver on tuition fees.

10. University of Wollongong

  • No. 10 in Australia
  • 193rd in Worldwide QS Rankings 2022 (Previous Ranking: 209)
  • Graduate Employability: 5th in Australia
  • International Student Percentage: 30%
  • Established: 1951
  • Location: Wollongong, New South Wales
University of Wollongong
Sydney CBD campus of University of Wollongong

Alumni distinctions

  • Research papers published by University of Wollongong alumni are of the most cited, ranking 75th for the most faculty citations.

 Scholarships offered at University of Wollongong

Bachelor’s degree Scholarship Programs

  • University of Wollongong Diplomat Scholarship – 30% fees waived
  • University of Wollongong Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health International School Scholarship – 50% fees waived
  • University Excellence Scholarship – 30% fees waived

Post-graduate Scholarship Programs

  • UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship – 30% fees waived
  • UOW Alumni Postgraduate Scholarship – 10% fees waived

These curricula are not included under the above scholarships: Nursing, Nutrition, Exercise sciences, Rehabilitation, Psychology, Social Work etc.

Your choice of university will depend upon the field of education you aim to pursue and how you plan on progressing in your career path. You may wish to go for a highly research-oriented university curricula–the sciences, technology, medical innovation etc, or you might be dynamically motivated towards excelling in the demanding corporate sector–dealing with the markets and economies, performing financial analysis for corporates, developing and managing customs and efficient supply chain or even growing expertise in areas of legalities. And once you have set your mind that an Australian University is the best option, you would most certainly need an Australian student visa to pursue your bright academic future.

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