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If you want to visit Australia temporarily for tourism, business activities, medical treatment or family reunion, you’ll need an Australian Visitor Visa ( subclass 600)

The main reason why people look for an Australian tourist visa is to visit the popular tourist destinations. Australia is a beautiful country with thousands of beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, mouthwatering cuisine and friendly locals. Today it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Business activities, medical treatment or meeting a family member are also common reasons to visit  Australia. As there are various reasons, there are various streams of Australian visitor visa (subclass 600). This article is a complete breakdown of all the Australian tourist visa streams:

The most popular streams under the Australia Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)

  1. Tourist Stream (Onshore & Offshore)
  2. Sponsored Family Stream
  3. Business Visitor Stream


  • Only New Zealand Citizens can visit Australia without a visa. They can have it on arrival.
  • You can choose to apply for Australian eVisitor or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visas if you are from a selected countries because these are faster and easier than subclass 600 Visitor visa.

Tourist Stream (Onshore & Offshore)

You can apply under one of these streams depending on whether you are already staying inside or outside Australia. With both visas, you can travel to every tourism destination in Australia for recreational purposes as a tourist.

Under these streams, however, you are not allowed to work, do business activities or receive medical treatment. You can still enroll in Australian institutions to study short courses or participate in skill training programs that go into completion in around 3 months.


Why do people go for the Australia tourist stream?

The tourist stream visa is highly in demand as it can be used to serve multiple purposes while you visit Australia. Known for its fast approval times, some of the popular reasons why people choose this visa as a suitable option for visiting Australia are:

  • Very Short Processing time (less than 1 day in most cases)
  • Visiting family and relatives in Australia
  • Vacationing in exotic places, sea beaches, cruising in ships etc.
  • Participating in fun tourist activities, skiing, swimming, snorkeling etc.
  • Study short courses and learn valuable skills to add more qualifications into your resume. 


  • Intention to visit Australia only temporarily and leave as soon as visa expires.
  • Be responsible for one’s own expenses while staying in Australia.
  • Be of good health and character.
  • Be inside or outside Australia while applying as per the visa requirement.

 Stay Duration

  • The stay duration is maximum 12 months.
  • Can apply for this visa again in order to revisit Australia as a tourist. 

Processing times

  • 25% of applications get their visa in just 1 day.
  • 50% of applicants get their visa in less than a week.
  • Other visa applications are only delayed when proper documents are not submitted.

Contact Bridging West to get your Australian tourist visa without any unnecessary delay. 


  • AUD 380 (Onshore)
  • AUD 150 (Offshore)

Additional costs may apply for health clearances, character certificates and biometrics (identity verification).

Sponsored Family Stream

This visa allows you to be sponsored by family members already living in Australia so you can visit Australia to enjoy traveling and tourism experience all over Australia.

Why do people go for the Sponsored Family Stream?

  • Come to Australia to meet family, friends and other relatives.
  • Visit Australian travel destinations on land as well as cruising the seas as a tourist.
  • Study in a short course (3 months) to add value to one’s skills and qualifications.


  • You must be sponsored by a family member living in Australia.
  • True intention to stay temporarily in Australia and leave when the visa expires.
  • Must be of good health and character. 

Visa Duration

  • The visa duration is maximum 12 months.
  • Can re-apply for this visa to revisit Australia as a tourist.

Processing times

50% of visa applications are granted in around 1 month.

Delays can occur only when documents are processed and submitted unprofessionally.

Contact Bridging West to get the most professional assistance with your documents.


  • The cost is AUD 150.
  • Additional costs may apply due to health check-ups, character clearances and identity verifications with biometrics.

Business Visitor Stream

This visa allows you entry into Australia to carry out particular business activities. Your business activity may include business enquiries, contract negotiations, participation in business seminars and conferences etc. Your visit to Australia with this visa can also be an exploratory visit to gain an understanding of the business climate prior to setting up a business sometime later in the future (usually before getting your Business Migration Visa in Australia).

Why do people choose the Business Visitor Stream visa?

  • Carry out general and employment enquiries for your business.
  • Negotiate business contracts in Australia by engaging in sufficient evaluation and investigation.
  • Visit Australia representing governmental business initiatives.
  • Conduct business seminars and conferences in Australia to promote your business.
  • Enjoy tourist activities (visit popular sites, participate in fun activities, cruise on the seas etc.)


  • Be outside of Australia while applying for this visa and when the Immigration Department is deciding on your visa.
  • True intention to travel Australia temporarily only for business activity purposes.
  • Must not make arrangements to work or get paid in Australia for any business activity.
  • Be of good health and character. 

Stay time with this visa

The stay time is 12 months maximum.

Business visitors cannot extend this visa.  If they wish to visit Australia again for additional business activities, they may be eligible to apply for another visa.

Business visitors can also apply for a Tourist stream, however, they cannot do business activities under that stream. Contact Bridging West for clear guidelines and assistance with your visitor visa.

Processing times

  • 25% of applications processed in less than 1 day while 50% applicants get their Visas in 3 days.
  • 75% applicants get their business tourist visa in just about 1 week.


AUD 150 per applicant.

Additional costs due to identity verification (biometrics), health check-ups and character certificates may apply. 

How to Apply for an Australian Visitor Visa?

There are nitty-gritty details in applying for an Australian Tourist Visa. You are advised to contact a Registered Migration Agent (RMA), like Bridging West for help. Generally it involves the following steps:

Step 1: Your Documents

Bridging West will thoroughly assess all your documents and identify the relevant information to make sure you have provided accurate details before sending your papers to the Department of Home Affairs.

These documents include identity documents (passport, national id, birth certificate etc.), genuine visitor documents, health check-up documents, character clearance etc.

Step 2: Visa Application

Bridging West will submit your relevant documents to the DHA under the suitable Visitor Visa Stream. 

Step 3 : Processing

The Department of Home Affairs will process your documents and carry out all verification procedures from their end. The processing period will depend on the stream and no unnecessary delays will occur if you apply under the professional supervision of our migration experts at Bridging West.

Step 4: Approval

All visitor visas in Australia are granted within 1 day to a month.

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