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What is the new Genuine Student Requirement? Is it different from the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

GSR Vs GTE Australia
Gone are the days of long essays. Students will no longer have to worry about writing a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) letter to get their Australian student visas. The new Genuine Student Requirement has replaced the GTE on the 23rd of March, 2024, and will make writing an application more simple and straight-forward. Is the[...]
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Australian Student Visas getting harder to obtain? We have the know-how to make it happen!

Australian student visa
Ever since the Australian immigration department announced that student visas will become harder to obtain to cut down on illegal stay, our aspiring international student-base have bombarded us with emails and calls inquiring about the reasons for such an announcement, and whether it’s still the best idea to go for higher studies in Australia. The[...]
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Australia’s Employment Projections for the Next Decade That Can Shape Your Skilled Migration Plans

australia's employment projections for the next decade
Before considering your migration to Australia, it is highly important for you to understand how the job market in each specific region works, i.e., the current and projected trends of most in-demand occupations, the governmental and infrastructural characteristics of the region that shape up these trends and patterns, demands and shortfall, the favourable and unfavourable[...]
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Australia In Technical Skill Crisis! Will Need 200,000 Engineers by 2040

Australia needs 200,000 engineers by 2040
In numbers, a shortfall of 200,000 engineering professionals is predicted to weigh heavily on the Australian engineering industry by 2040, which will have grown at a rate of roughly 74% in terms of labour demand in the given span of one and a half decade. A report titled Engineering a Better Future: Australia’s Growing Crisis[...]
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Is Australia the true example of ‘work less, earn more’ ? Fascinating data reveals countries with the shortest work-week 2023

Australia has the shortest workween in 2023
Have you often asked which country will offer you the highest salary for your academic degree, work experience, and the number of hours you choose to work? To be fair, the kind of money you earn contributes greatly to your quality of life, no debate on that. Yet, your salary is not the only measure[...]
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A Guide to Skills Assessing Authorities and Occupations for Australian Skilled Migration

Common occupation and skill assessment authorities in Australian Immigration
Australia’s Skilled Migration Program offers hundreds of occupations from all professional fields. However, in order to prove your qualifications for a preferred occupation, you must be assessed for your work experience and skills and receive a positive assessment so that you can move forward with your migration application. Some skilled migration visas are –  Skilled[...]
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