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benefits of australian permanent residency

No one can ask you to leave Australia – that much is guaranteed. But why do so many people really go for an Australian PR? Here’s a list of benefits that make you wish you were a permanent resident in the wealthiest, most secure and livable nation of the 21st century. As a bonus, we’ll also tell you what’s the right path to get your Australian PR depending on your skills, qualifications and finances.

Your Australian PR is for a Lifetime

It’s your closest chance to Australian citizenship. Your living experience in Australia as a PR will be no different than a citizen. Same work rights, pay-scale, educational opportunities, health insurance, social security benefits, access to social groups and institutions, the whole package. And you can do it as long as you want, for the rest of your life.

Once you get your Australian passport after a period of permanent residence, you will further enjoy voting and election rights, plus, you can serve in the civil sector as an Australian citizen.

More Job Vacancies for Permanent Residents

Yes, if there is a vacancy, the chances of you getting the job is very high. From highly skilled occupations to very minimal and simple labour, the Australian job market mass-produces these jobs in great numbers. Therefore, there is a constant need for permanent resident workers in all categories of occupations. It is also the key reason why Australia has the lowest unemployment rate in the world.

Highest Minimum Wage

A list of the top 10 countries with the highest minimum wage rate in the world is given in the following table. Amazingly, Australia stands at the top. Its hourly wage rate is AU$ 21.38 which is equivalent to US$ 14.54. The second-highest country is Luxembourg with an average hourly rate of US$ 13.67. The 10th on this list is Germany which offers a minimum hourly wage rate of US$ 10.68.

Even Australia’s minimum weekly wage is still considerably higher than what most mid-income families earn over a month in Asian countries. At AU$ 21.38/hour of minimum wage, Australian labour laws permit a maximum of 40 weekly hours of work. That equates to AU$ 878.22 a week (US$581.80), with the assumption of full-time work.

Top 10 Countries with High Minimum Wage
Country Minimum Wage Rate (US$) Weekly Income (US$)
Australia  $14.54/hour  $581.6
Luxembourg $13.67/hour $546.8
New Zealand $13.18/hour $527.2
Monaco $11.88/hour $475.2
Ireland $11.54/hour $461.6
France $11.46/hour $458.4
United Kingdom $11.37/hour $454.8
Netherlands $11.21/hour $448.4
Belgium $11.06/hour $442.4
Germany $10.68/hour $427.2

Right to Citizenship for Your Australian-born Children

When you are a permanent resident, your children born in Australia are immediately registered as citizens. Their Australian birthright makes them legally eligible to receive all the benefits that are discussed in this blog.

In case your partner is already an Australian PR and you are not, you can move to Australia with a Partner Visa. Once you move to Australia to live with your partner, there are greater chances of your child being born in Australia.

right to citizenship for children born in australia
If one of the parents of the child born in Australia is a PR, the child immediately becomes an Australian citizen.

Childcare Subsidy

Childcare centres in your country may lack the confidence of parents for unreliable services with heavy fees. The Australian government however will offer you child rebates or monetary returns to subsidise daycare expenses for your children.

Suppose you work full-time in Australia on a general skilled (PR) visa (Subclass 189, 190), you can rely on any daycare centre as these are all strictly monitored and regulated as a part of social security, and you can also collect additional money against your social security number.

If one of the parents is a Permanent Resident, he/she may enjoy a subsidised childcare service in Australia


Your Education is Subsidised by the Commonwealth

You can study at institutions that are located in CSPs (Commonwealth Subsidised Places). These institutions offer undergraduate and post-graduate courses and the Australian government provides heavy subsidies over your tuition fees as part of their commonwealth policies. Therefore, you will not be dependent on a student loan and have no burden of paying back.

CSP courses are also enlisted in CRICOS and have credible recognition and acceptability in academic and professional sectors worldwide.

Universal Healthcare

Australia’s universal health care (Medicare) is free health coverage for all permanent residents, non-citizens and citizens alike. Free access to world-class healthcare facilities (doctor care, clinics, hospitals and medication) is a basic right that is made possible by the Australian government.

universal healthcare for australian permanent residents
A Permanent Resident of Australia is entitled to free Medicare

Right to Business Loans from Australian Banks with Your Credit Performance

Permanent residents can start by paying back small loans (e.g. card loans) to improve their credit performance. Credit performance is basically your ability to repay a loan in due time with the agreed-upon interest. With enough points to show in your credit performance, you can apply for car loans, home loans, business loans etc. This assessment is the same for citizens as well as non-citizen permanent residents.

Buy and Sell Residential Property in Australia

Did you know permanent residents have the exclusive right to purchase and sell real estate properties in Australia? This exclusive right to PR holders ensure that foreign companies will not be able to buy out large areas of residential property by sheer force of money and manipulate the value of Australian real estate. This is one of the reasons why Australian real estate properties always multiply in its value and gives PR-holders the financial benefit of purchasing and then reselling profitably.

Bring Your Family Members and Relatives to Australia with Sponsorships

Australian permanent residents have multiple options to bring their partners, children, parents to Australia as well as sponsor dependents and distant relatives in some categories. Overtime, your sponsored family and relatives too will become PR-holders.

How do I Become an Australian PR?

Becoming an Australian PR is part of one of the many migration programmes of Australia. Here are a list of Australia’s migration programs and how you may be eligible for one or of multiple of these:

1. General Skilled Migration

Australian General Skilled Migration Visas are for international citizens who possess various skills through education, work experience or some form of useful training. These visas allow skilled individuals to migrate to Australia and become Australian PR by working at occupations that match their skill types.

The three most popular skilled visa categories at the moment are the Subclasses 189 & 190 (PR visas) and the Subclass 491 (provisional visa; pathway to future PR).

2. Business Migration

Australian Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Subclass 188) is for people who aim to do business activities and make investments in Australia. Eligible applicants are nominated by an Australian state or territory and invited to apply for this provisional visa after they submit an EOI, expression of interest, describing their business acumen and the potential for their businesses or investments to serve the Australian economy.

3. Family Migration

Closely tied to Australian Business and Skilled Migrants who can sponsor their family members to Australia for permanent residency. The family migration visas to Australia are Child Visa, Parent Visa, Partner Visa.

Can Student Visas help you become permanent residents of Australia?

Even though student visas are all temporary visas and are not part of Australia’s migration program, yet this can be properly used as a great pathway to migration applications. After completing the study in Australia students get full time work rights in a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485). Australian work experience and study keep the students a few steps ahead in Skilled Migration Program than those who do not have any of these.

For more options, book a free consultation with us.


Australian permanent residency offers numerous benefits, including the right to live and work in Australia indefinitely, access to subsidized healthcare through Medicare, opportunities to study at domestic rates, eligibility for citizenship after meeting residency requirements, and the ability to sponsor eligible family members for permanent residency. Additionally, permanent residents can travel freely in and out of Australia, enjoy social security benefits, and have access to a stable and prosperous economy with ample job opportunities. Overall, it provides a pathway to a secure and fulfilling life in a diverse and culturally-rich nation.

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