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can a 45 year old person migrate to Australia

What’s with this age, 45?

When it comes to Australian migration, this is one of the most misunderstood age limits, especially because of the huge popularity of Australia’s skilled migration program. Although it’s true that the age limit to Australia’s skilled migration visa is 45 years, there is a list of other ways you can get your hands on the Australian Permanent Residency.

Let’s look into the options for your permanent residency pathway to Australia in case you happen to be 45 years of age or over.

Spouse Migration

Marry an Australian permanent resident, that is if you aren’t already married. The best thing about the spouse migration program is the term ‘spouse’, which isn’t limited to just partnership by marriage, but also expands to romantic relationships, engagements, live-in relationships (falls under de-facto partner) etc.

Each of these partnership statuses is suited to a particular type of spouse visa. Read Australian Partner Visas to learn about the visa category that can increase your chances for spouse migration to Australia. There are no age limits for these visas.

Parent Migration

Your children are your best options to migrate to Australia, the only requirement being that your children are Australian permanent residents or citizens. The only drawback to this visa is that it can be time consuming to process at times. However, the biggest plus point of this visa is that it is fully sponsored by you children, and the visa has no age limit!

Here is a List of Australian Parent Visas to give you a good start.

 Business Migration

We jokingly call it the ‘big money visa’. It’s for businessmen with legitimate business experience and investment capability. All you need is a clean tax record, a good business turnover and evidence of your executive or managerial skills to justify that your business in Australia would positively contribute to the country’s economy.

You will have a good number of Australian states, territories and industries to choose from. If you want a glimpse into the business climate of Australia, do read The Rapidly Growing Australian Economy Is A Profitable Safe Haven for Business Migrants.

The age limit to this visa is 55 years, which gives you a 10-year window to set up a business and become eligible, even if you start from the age of 45. Do consider it!

Carer Visa (Subclass 116)

 All that is required for this visa is a trusted sponsor who is in legitimate need of a carer, either due to health reasons or otherwise (age, disability etc.), and you will be granted Australian PR in exchange for providing care for your sponsor.

Although not as popular as general skilled visas, the best opportunity with the 116 Subclass is its minimum educational qualification and work experience.  While the Skilled Migration visa requires a Bachelor’s degree, this visa has no such educational requirements.

And the best part of course, there is no age limit as long as you are healthy and active enough to provide care for someone in need. What an ethical way to get Australian PR, right?!

Refugee Visa

Only if you are in an extreme social or political situation and anticipate persecution in your own country, you may appeal to move to Australia as a refugee. However, you must justify with strong reasons that your persecution is unjust or that it may result in any diplomatic or bilateral tensions between your home country and Australia.

For clarity, this is not a PR visa by any means and may be subject to revocation by the Australian government. Yet this visa is still an option that is not limited by age.

As registered agents, we must firmly oblige by our ethics and strictly recommend to not use this visa with the intention of malice or to evade the law.

So, what’s your first step for migration to Australia?

The very first thing you need to get started is authentic information. It is advised by the Australian Department of Home Affairs to look into their website for initial understanding. However, if you are looking for a direct conversation with someone who is a registered representative of the Australian immigration processes, then a registered Australian migration agent in your own country is your most reliable option.

Bridging West is a leading Immigration Agency (MARN: 0747228) of Australia and it is actively helping people in this regard as it has for the last 17 years. To check whether you are eligible to migrate, consider doing a free eligibility assessment first.


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