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Australian student visa
Ever since the Australian immigration department announced that student visas will become harder to obtain to cut down on illegal stay, our aspiring international student-base have bombarded us with emails and calls inquiring about the reasons for such an announcement, and whether it’s still the best idea to go for higher studies in Australia. The direct answer would be, YES, and without a doubt! Yet for the sake of detail, we’ll dive into some of
australia's employment projections for the next decade
Before considering your migration to Australia, it is highly important for you to understand how the job market in each specific region works, i.e., the current and projected trends of most in-demand occupations, the governmental and infrastructural characteristics of the region that shape up these trends and patterns, demands and shortfall, the favourable and unfavourable disparities as well as the growth and direction of each occupational sector. Through this article we will try to give
Australia needs 200,000 engineers by 2040
In numbers, a shortfall of 200,000 engineering professionals is predicted to weigh heavily on the Australian engineering industry by 2040, which will have grown at a rate of roughly 74% in terms of labour demand in the given span of one and a half decade. A report titled Engineering a Better Future: Australia’s Growing Crisis in Engineering Skills details the projected shortfall of engineers in the engineering workforce. To prevent such shortfalls, one of the
Australia has the shortest workween in 2023
Have you often asked which country will offer you the highest salary for your academic degree, work experience, and the number of hours you choose to work? To be fair, the kind of money you earn contributes greatly to your quality of life, no debate on that. Yet, your salary is not the only measure of the highest quality of life you can enjoy, is it? Social science professor Brendon Burchell at UK’s University of
Common occupation and skill assessment authorities in Australian Immigration
Australia’s Skilled Migration Program offers hundreds of occupations from all professional fields. However, in order to prove your qualifications for a preferred occupation, you must be assessed for your work experience and skills and receive a positive assessment so that you can move forward with your migration application. Some skilled migration visas are –  Skilled Independent  Visa (Subclass 189), Skilled Nominated  Visa (Subclass 190) or the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491). Employer-sponsored visa subclasses
can a 45 year old person migrate to Australia
What’s with this age, 45? When it comes to Australian migration, this is one of the most misunderstood age limits, especially because of the huge popularity of Australia’s skilled migration program. Although it’s true that the age limit to Australia’s skilled migration visa is 45 years, there is a list of other ways you can get your hands on the Australian Permanent Residency. Let’s look into the options for your permanent residency pathway to Australia
benefits of australian permanent residency
No one can ask you to leave Australia – that much is guaranteed. But why do so many people really go for an Australian PR? Here’s a list of benefits that make you wish you were a permanent resident in the wealthiest, most secure and livable nation of the 21st century. As a bonus, we’ll also tell you what’s the right path to get your Australian PR depending on your skills, qualifications and finances. Your
Australian Immigration 2023-24: Changes you need to know
It is not a new practice for the Australian Immigration Department to introduce a few changes here and there every fiscal year. However, the year of July 2023 to June 2024 is set for some major policy changes that will greatly impact your immigration, travel or even study plans to Australia. The good news is, most of these policies will be very much in your favour as the Australian government is seriously motivated to make
australian immigration update 2023
2023 is set to be the most welcoming and exciting year for all Australian immigration aspirants, especially because of its high amount of allocations for general skilled migration program with visible progress on fast-track processing ( Read Ministerial Direction on Priority Processing of Australian Skilled Migration Visas ) Here are the 10 changes that will kick-start your plan for moving to Australia in 2023, whether it’s for a visit, study, or migration. 1. Highest Allocation

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