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Ministerial direction 100, Australia
The new Albanese Govt has taken many steps to address the skill shortage and visa backlogs. Minister Andrew Giles stated that the visa backlog would come to a “manageable” level before Christmas. Following Labor Government’s commitments regarding this matter, a Ministerial Direction (100) from the Department of Home Affairs was issued on October 27, 2022. Direction 100 has nullified the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL). This priority occupation list was declared in 2020 to
Australia's immigration friendly federal budget 2023
Earlier this September at the Jobs & Skills Summit 2022, the Australian Labour Government led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had lifted the 2022-23 total migration cap from 160,000 to 195,000 to allow for higher Skilled Migration Visa allocations. This was in response to post-pandemic Labour shortages voiced by employers, businesses and union leaders. 1,09,900 places (out of 195,000) were tentatively announced for total skilled migration. The newly revised allocation for Australian Skilled Migration now
Australian jobs and skills summit 2022
Skilled migration to Australia from around the world had received major focus in the Job & Skills Summit 2022, the two-day event held on September 1st and 2nd at the Parliament House of the capital Canberra. The summit was coordinated by the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albaneses and the Chief Treasurer Jim Chalmers. Important agenda of the summit Australia’s total migrant intake increased to 195,000 for 2023-24. Skilled Migration to be allotted majority places of
Albanese Government determined to reduce backlog
745,000 new visas have been approved by the Australian immigration department just in the single month of June under the new Australian Labour government. Bearing further good news for offshore visa applicants, 645,000 visa applications out of the total visas finalised had been lodged from outside of Australia. This impressive number of visa processing rates include temporary skilled migration visas to Australia (9,550), student visas (62,000) and visitor visas for potential tourists (388,000), along with
Australian economy rebounds after COVID-19 contraction
Imagine having no fear of being jobless. On top of that, your employer cannot legally reduce your pay below a minimum bar which is already very decent. No matter what, your government makes sure that you are guaranteed to earn a paycheck each month. Now obviously you won’t be so privileged just about anywhere in the world. Unless of course, you have made the wise decision of migrating to Australia. Australian Economy has rebounded after
Top universities in Australia according to QS world university ranking
Australian universities have once again ranked high in the list of the top 100 universities worldwide according to the recently published QS World Universities Rankings of 2022 due to their academia of excellently structured graduate, post-graduate and higher academic programs. In fact, all the previously ranked Australian universities have strongly maintained their top positions in the QS Rankings this year while newer universities in Australia have progressed their way up in the list and entered
benefits for temporary migrant workers in australia
To start off with a pleasing scenario, imagine yourself living in Australia with your family under a Business Migration Visa. Your business is making great profits and much to the delight of the Australian government, generating high tax revenues. So as a tax paying resident whose business is serving the Australian economy so positively, you would fairly expect the Australian government to reward you and your family with some benefits, presumably a smooth and easy
Australian parent visas under the new labor regine
It is common knowledge that an Australian Parent Visa, whichever Subclass it may fall under, has perhaps the most uncertain processing times, often leading to visa backlogs, i.e., staying stuck in a queue of “yet to-be-processed’’ visas. And while the non-contributory parent visas can take up to 30 years of stringent processing stages, even the contributory visas might miss out on their projected timeline of processing due to capping and queuing. One major immigration challenge
New list of authorised recommending partners in the state of victoria
The Entrepreneur Stream (188 E) is now open for nomination in the state of Victoria and is regulated by a new referral system for identifying start-ups with real potential to be highly profitable. A group of select Authorized Recommending Partners (ARP) who are very well versed in the Victorian start-up sector has been incorporated into the system to identify, assess and evaluate the present and future potential of the entrepreneurial businesses of all applicants under

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