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Privacy Policy Bridging West

Bridging West reserves the right to utilise clientele information for the purposes of authentication, verification, research, promotion and future reference without disclosing highly confidential client status to non-government entities.

Bridging West may be subject to legal obligations to share specific information about our clients with the relevant national and foreign authorities under the jurisdiction that validates our operations as an organisation.

Bridging West shall not be liable for the third-party misuse of any information made public on our website.

Bridging West does not necessarily endorse all opinions and activities of our clients and partners with regard to our offered services and reserves the right to legal action should there be any circumstance of unlawful association by unauthorised parties.

Confidentiality is at the core of all our practices and we may share sensitive information to specific third parties strictly by means of lawfully soliciting the sound consent of our clients.

We may occasionally modify certain information on our website with reasonable discretion in order to provide updated information that is relevant to our services.

All information provided on our website are strictly abiding by the Migration (Migration Agents Code of Conduct) Regulations 2021 (


Considerations for accessing our website via your device

You may take the following into consideration as a visitor to our website in the interest of your privacy and security. Our website interface will accommodate your experience to the following:

  1. Free assessment form (name, phone, email, occupation, work experience, education, visa s/he is interested in, custom message). Information you provide in these fields are fully under your discretion and may be used for profiling 
  2. Contact form (name, email, phone, custom message)
  3. Newsletter: You may receive regular updates regarding our services via email.
  4. Click on the phone number and calling: We save your phone number, name, and other details that you voluntarily agree to share with us over the phone.
  5. Click on email Id and sending email:  We save your email id and the message for potential correspondence.
  6. Embedded social media messenger: You may communicate with us via this option, and thereby, you consensually initiate a mode of primary correspondence with us.
  7. Cookies: A cookie is a small bit of information that our website stores on your device. When you revisit the website, your browser will send the information back to our site.