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Business Entrepreneur Visa for New Zealand

The entrepreneur work visas is for experienced businessmen/entrepreneurs interested to own and run business in New Zealand. This visa allows the visa holders to move to New Zealand and buy or establish businesses. After either six months or two years you can then apply for residence under the Entrepreneur Residence Category.


This three year work visa is structured in two stages:

  1. Start-up stage: If your application is approved, you will initially be given a 12-month work visa, enabling you to buy or establish your business in New Zealand.
  2. Balance stage: Once you have proven that you have taken steps to establish your business, you’re granted the remaining 24 months of your visa.


Visa Duration:

12 months in the start-up stage of your visa, then another 24 months once you’ve shown us that you’ve set-up your business


What this visa let me to do:

  1. Come to New Zealand to buy or set up your own business.
  2. Work in your own business in New Zealand for up to 3 years in total.
  3. Include your Spouse, and dependent children in your visa application.
  4. Apply for Permanent Residency


Basic Requirements for this visa include:

  1. You need to score 120 points or more
  2. Very Strong Genuine Business Plan
  3. Clean recent history of bankruptcy, business failure and fraud
  4. Health, character and English language requirements.


1. Can I apply for Citizenship?

Yes, after fulfilling the citizenship criteria, you can apply for NZ Citizenship.

2. How much Processing time is required?

Varies from application to application

3. Can I add my spouse and kids?


4. How is the education and security factors for my kids and family in NZ?

NZ is one of few countries which follows a very strong security for kids and offers excellent education opportunities.

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