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Business in Australia

The Australian Government welcomes productive foreign direct investment. International investors interested in entering the Australian market may wish to establish a new Australian company or establish a new Australian subsidiary which also operates as an Australian company.

Why Australia:

  1. Robust Economy
  2. Dynamic Industries
  3. Innovation and Skills
  4. Global Ties
  5. Strong Foundations

Australia is in its 27th year of consecutive annual economic growth. Asia continues to rely on Australia’s mineral and energy resources to power its industrialization, while its agricultural commodities and premium food are meeting the region’s demand for clean, green and safe products. Australia’s highly educated, multicultural and multilingual workforce has the smarts and skills to drive innovation and grow international businesses.

Key Point:

  • Australian Foreign Investment Board (Government) Approved Program.
  • Top Quality Home and Land Package from 450,000 AUD, Great rental return.
  • Land investment from AUD 200,000, High Capital Growth.
  • Assistance in Buying Land, Building Home as per client’s choice.
  • Buying a franchise gives you the right to run an established business and sell its products and/or services.
  • Buying a Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Coffee Club, Burger Shop, Bangali Food Shop is very profitable Business
  • Service Station, Renewable Energy Business, Hotel and Motel Business
  • We help you register your own business in Australia and bank account. We appoint your Tax lawyer, Accountant, Business Management professionals.

If you start Business in Australia , You can send your Kids to Study in Australia and mother stays with kids in Australia. Finally you will gain Australian Turn over and asset. And you can apply for Permanent Residency Visa with full family.

AS per, Australian Exports in Bangladesh on 2018:

  1. Cotton: US$ 296,939
  2. Edible Vegetables: US$ 283,100
  3. Cereals: US$ 101,664
  4. Copper: US$ 44,019
  5. Iron and Steel: US$ 42,261
  6. Paper: US$ 37,188
  7. Zinc: US$ 34,502
  8. Dairy Produce: US$ 23,329

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