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On 25 January 2020 Bridging West Australia organized an effectual Seminar on “Business Opportunities, Migration & Citizenship to Australia and New Zealand” in Hotel Sarina, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The program was very successful with the presence of more than 215 business and entrepreneurs from a diverse sector of businesses, who want to expand their business in Australia and New Zealand.

The program was scheduled at 10:30 am but from 10:00 am the attendees start coming and by 10:30 the hall was full. The program was started at sharp 10:30 with video presentation on business opportunities and business sectors in Australia. Introductory speech was given by the Business Development Manager Mr. Farhad Rumi followed by welcome speech delivered by the General Manager of Bridging West Dhaka Regional Office Mr. Murshedul Hoque.

Mr. Md Zahangir Alom, who is Registered with Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (The regulatory body of Australian Home Affairs), was the main speaker. Mr. Alom is the Principal Migration Consultant of Bridging West Australia Office.

Mr. Zahangir Alom, have extensive experience of living in Australia for last 19 years. He started his journey in Australia as a Student, than as a professional Engineer and later he is involved in Business for last 15 years. He is one of the most known community member throughout in Australia for his excellent work ethics and helping migrants especially Bangladeshi professionals and families and business persons.

Mr. Zahangir Alom explained the Business Opportunities in Australia and how Bangladeshi Business Personals can expand their business in Australia. He also introduced many other businesses who are interested to invest in Bangladesh and seeking Partners in Bangladesh and how Bangladeshi Business Community can attract these investors to Invest in Bangladesh. To do that he also suggested that the Bangladeshi Business Community should establish their business in Australia.


Bridging West Australia not only provides migration advise, but also they have Commercial Lawyers and Australian Registered Accountants (CPA) who can assist registering companies and company helps opening bank accounts to start the business in Australia. The company also provides assistance for Bank Finance from Australian Bank.

Mr. Alom explained the seminar that there is no need for IELTS or Education for Business Migration. Australian Govt. will consider the business experience, turnover, assets and age as basic criteria for Business Migration. He provided FREE Eligibility Point Test for everyone in the room and answered to all queries and confusions.

On an question from the audience that there are so many companies advertising and SMS almost every day that they are genuine and they provide assistance with 100% success. He laughed and than gave references to the audience that how to check the migration firm is genuine or not. Mr. Zahangir Advised that anyone wish to apply to Australia or New Zealand, and seeking assistance, must go to website and search for the company and find if they are genuine or not. Mr. Alom’s registration no is 0747228 and it can be found in Australian MARA Website.

On an question, Mr. Alom answered that you can apply with your full family, even you can include 18+ age kids as long as they are dependent on you. He also confirmed that kids can do World Class Education (even in IB Curriculum) for FREE until Class 12 on 188 Visa just like any Australian PR or Citizen’s Kids. If they apply subclass 132, they can enter Australia as PR from day 1 and get complete Medicare and other facilities.

Mr. Alom explained that the migration process is only the first step. The main challenge is initial settlement and structuring the business in a tax efficient way, buying the business which is not going to loose money and running that business in Australia. Mr. Alom’s company Bridging West Australia provides the start to end service, including the registration of the company, Bank account, Business search, Bank finance from Australia and very unexceptional service that is, every 3 months, he personally will come and meet you in your business with his full team to see how your business is doing in Australia. The company will provide all assistance you need. He will assist till you get PR and Citizenship.


Bridging West Australia process for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania and any city applicant wishes to apply and eligible for. Currently regional Australia is taking application on fast track.

Answering one of the audience, Mr. Alom confirmed that Victorian Government offers FREE education for any children of Business immigrants for up to Grade 12 (A Level or HSC Level). This is complete free like other Native Australian or any Australian PR or Citizens. If the child is currently in University level, that they will be paying international student fee. In the mean time if the family applies for 132 subclass which is a Direct PR than children will be considered as a local student. For details need to discuss with the respected university also.

On another question, Mr. Alom answered that the business person will have no restriction to stay in Australia continuously and they can travel in and out. They can swap their applicant to their spouse in Australia part so the spouse can stay with kids and look after the business while the business person can be free from stay restrictions.

Bridging West Australia office have JV agreement with other business consultants and always assist the business person to buy business and any support needed in Australia.

There were Q&A session and light refreshments towards the end of the seminar.


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