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I have consulted Bridging West around the period of 2008 and 2010 for my skill migration to Australia. A group of my colleagues and I were drawn to this particular organization due to their reasonable fees and a special offer in effect at that time, but soon realized they are very professional and very effective. I can happily say, every single one in that group who consulted Bridging West has achieved a positive outcome.
I found my consultant very helpful, organized and very knowledgeable on Australian migration laws. She knew the lanes and alleys well enough to fit my particular situation into a viable migration case. I received outstanding support preparing my skill assessment documentation, application submission and at all steps through the process. She guided me to prepare documents as required by various steps of the migration process rather than overwhelming me for all documents at a time. This approach was very effective and made possible for me to organize piles of documentations while managing a very demanding full time job, an MBA degree and a very young family all at the same time.
My Bridging West consultant was very considerate about changes in my personal and family situation and made correct amendments to my application; such as, including my child in the application who was born after it was launched. I am certain that consulting Bridging West for my Australian migration was the right decision and has helped achieving a positive outcome.
I have since used services from Bridging West for my other family members and would always prefer them over any other migration consultants. I hope all the success for this organization.