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Australian Federal Government and State Governments announced the major changes on Business Migration on 4th January 2021. Based on these changes, we are going to present the webinar so that successful business owners can make the decision on Migration to Australia with their family, apply for Australian Citizenship and Kids world-class education in Australia.
Join 27th February 2021, Saturday at 11:00 am (Bangladesh Time). Organized by Bridging West Australia
In this webinar, you will learn all about the Business Migration requirements, how to do this in the best possible way especially with the immigration policy changes amid the COVID-19.
One of the most successful Registered Migration Agents and renowned businessmen in Australia, as well as the CEO and principal of Bridging West will explain the policy and answer your all questions with his own 20 years of living in Australia experience.
We will have an interactive Question and Answer session at the end.
We have limited places online and you are requested to complete the registration form and we will send an invitation link to join online at the scheduled time.
A Special DISCOUNT will be offered on the processing fees in the webinar. 

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